What’s Going on at Griffin Armament?

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes here all the time. We aren’t able to share all of it unfortunately.

Tactical compensators are in vogue currently (with good reason) and we are pleased to announce that we have designed a ruggedized tactical compensator that is dimensionally similar to a NATO std A2 flash hider. This will double as an ideal mount option for the M4SD and other A2 mounting sound suppressors with the exception of SWR’s Renegade/A2RA which is not compatible with muzzle brakes or compensators.

For those of you that don’t follow the industry as closely, tactical compensators are devices that unlike a traditional muzzle brake- do not enhance flash. Other benefits are recoil and muzzle rise reduction, without creating the excessive concussion and flash of a traditional muzzle brake. A little history on these – they are in ways related to Eugene Stoner’s original AR10 muzzle brake / flash hider which to some extent operates on the principle of Sir Humphrey Davey’s Miner’s Safety Lamp.

The M4SD tactical compensator mount was designed to enhance sound suppressor performance, as well as to provide a lower cost alternative to the current options on the tactical compensator marketplace for suppressor and non-suppressor users alike. Muzzle brakes and tactical compensators: unlike silencers, are not regulated, so we can ship these direct to you with shorter lead times, free of NFA tax burdens, nation-wide.

We are going to be supplying these in a black oxided military spec finish.